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603 gloss wax
Product Model: 603(3.78L/1GAL/x4/CTN)
Scope of application: anti static area

Product Introduction:

Gadlee 603 gloss wax爱游戏最新安卓版本下载爱游戏最新安卓版本下载,Anti-static semi-conducting polymer and special designed eliminating formular, effectively prevent accumulation of static, widely use in anti static area, keeping the floor high gloss and smooth.

●With conducting polymer, everlasting anti-static performance
●Effective reduce static arising from friction, especially for processing, assembling and testing area of the electronics, chips and precision instruments.
●High gloss and wearproof, excellent non-skip property(conform to ASTM standard)
●With supporting anti-static cleaner, keeping performance stable and decreasing restoration.Moisturising and excellent handfeel

●Strictly follow conventional finish construction procedure, and pay attention to:
●Weather Condition: better to construct in low temperature, if high humidity, longer drying time, which may influence part of the performance.
●First maintenance better to be 1 week after construction
●No more than 3 layers coating, avoid to influence adhesive force of anti-static finish
●Dosage: 210 m2/GAL/COAT
●Surface resistivity must between 106~109 ohm/sqm,  if > 109 ohm/sqm, deep cleaning should be done and restore
●Do not dilute.

Safety precautions:
●Storage temperature: -5℃~40℃, keep out of the sun
●Constructed 60 days after new-constructed floor hardening, and at least two coating sealer.
●Color: milk white
●PH(25℃): 8.5~9.3
●Working humidity: 20%~70%
●Proportion: (20℃): 1.020

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