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  • [Recruitment Number:5]Regional sales manager

    1爱游戏最新安卓版本下载、College graduated or above, major in marketing, machinery, enterprise management. 2爱游戏最新安卓版本下载、Three years working experience in mechanical and electrical products sales. 3爱游戏最新安卓版本下载、Familiar with the industry market, have corresponding product sales experience, understand the technology of the industry. 4爱游戏最新安卓版本下载、Excellent ...[Detailed]

  • [Recruitment Number:5]After-sales engineer

    1爱游戏最新安卓版本下载、Responsible to repair the company sold products, replace the spare parts of machines etc., products are mainly mechanical and electrical high pressure cleaning machines, scrubber dryes, vacuum cleaners etc. 2爱游戏最新安卓版本下载、More than five years experiences of after sales service, with capacity of maintain clea...[Detailed]

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